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15 Changing Table Essentials + Tips for Organizing!

What kinds of things should you put in a changing table for your little one? And what’s the best way to organize all of it so that you can easily find stuff when you need it?

As a new mom, I had NO. CLUE. Well, at least at first. But after a bit of trial and error, I’ve come up with a good system of organization that really helps to keep things speedy whenever I’m changing my daughter’s dirty diaper or clothing.

Here are my top 15 changing table essentials and how I’ve organized it, from top to bottom (literally):


Essentials: changing pad, wipes
Optional: cute nightlight (to see better in the dark during nighttime changes, without having to turn on all the lights) & a diaper pail (some people prefer not to use one, but they really are super convenient!)
Organizational Tips: It’s easier to keep the wipes on top of the table (as opposed to in the drawer), since you won’t really know how many you’ll need. And keep the wipes & nightlight as far from baby’s reach as you can, or else baby will start grabbing them soon enough! (Also, in case you were interested, the changing table in the photos is this one. It’s definitely not *the best* craftsmanship in the world, but it’s super affordable and serves its purpose just fine.)


 baby care kit, digital thermometer, snot sucker, diapersdiaper rash ointment, baby medicines (like Tylenol, gas drops, gripe water, saline drops, etc.)
Optional: socks, no-scratch mittens, extra diaper bag dispenser refills (for your diaper bag)
Organizational Tip: This is the drawer filled with things you’ll need constantly, so you’ll want to have them close by and easy to find. It’s just a coincidence that they’re all fairly tiny things! So be sure to keep “like with like”; don’t just toss it all in. In other words, all the diapers should be in one spot, the baby medicines in one spot, the socks in one spot… you get the idea. I highly recommend these amazing fabric drawer organizers for corralling everything! Trust me, they are lifesavers for your sanity, because you won’t want to be digging around aimlessly for the little Tylenol syringe while your baby is screaming in front of you at 2 am.


 sleep sacks/swaddles, drool bibs/feeding bibs, accessories (like hats, headbands, and bows)
Optional: baby shoes (unworn), onesies, sleeper pajamas
Organizational Tip: This drawer contains more “smallish” items that need to be stored somewhere, but are perhaps things you won’t need quite so often. I used a fabric basket I bought at Target to store all the accessories in one place, then made a pile of sleep sacks & swaddles, a pile of bibs, and a pile of baby shoes (pictured above, moving right to left). However, you could certainly use more of the fabric drawer organizers that I mentioned earlier to help keep everything in its place. On a side note… I personally keep sleeper pajamas and onesies hanging in the closet, but this would be a great drawer to store them in if you want to keep them in your changing table.


Essentials: burp cloths, swaddle blankets, crib sheets, changing pad covers
Optional: anything else “extra”, like boppy covers and pack ‘n’ play sheets
Organizational Tip: This drawer is easy to organize if you just keep things in discreet piles, since they tend to be larger items. How many you own for each type of item will likely determine whether or not it gets its own special pile. For instance, I have A LOT of burp cloths and swaddle blankets, so they each get their own piles (left and middle in photo). I only have a few of the crib sheets and extra “covers” for things, so I just put all of those things together in the last pile (on the right).

How do YOU organize your baby’s changing table? Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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