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3 Best Baby Apps for New Parents!

*Note: This post is NOT sponsored by any of these companies. These are just my honest personal opinions and experiences with their products, and I hope you will find them helpful!

If you’re anything like most of today’s parents, you probably find yourself Googling the answer to every question that pops into your head about your baby’s well being or development. But there’s an app for that!

Actually, there’s THREE in particular that I think are the MOST helpful to any mom or dad who’s new to this whole parenting thing. I have all of them set to give me notifications and updates on my phone, so I never miss out on anything fun and interesting that I could be learning about my baby girl as she grows.

BabyCenter – Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App
(FREE on Apple and Android)
This is one of the same apps I used daily when I was pregnant, and I STILL love it for learning about my baby every single day! It provides daily parenting guidance throughout baby’s first year of life in the form of brief tidbits of information that allow you to track your baby’s development each week, learn about how your own body and life should be adjusting post-partum, and read helpful tips on everyday things like buying essential pieces of baby gear, health information, sleeping habits, feeding tips, activity ideas, as well as the answers to popular questions that new parents often have. You also have the ability to set up a profile for your child, have direct access to your month & year “Birth Club” community board, and can play with fun tools like a growth tracker, sleep guide, feeding guide, and memories (photo organization and “stickers”)! It’s an incredibly informative app that’s very user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, considering it doesn’t cost a dime to download on any of your mobile devices. (They also have a “Parenthood” app that you can continue to use after your child’s first birthday, and until they are 8 years old!)

What to Expect – Pregnancy & Baby
(FREE on Apple and Android)
If you’re into reading about all of your baby’s current and upcoming milestones, then this is the app for you! It gives the option to browse by age range or milestone type, such as movement, feeding, communicating, learning, etc. However, this app also offers daily bites of information about mom life, baby health and well being, as well as fun, relate-able articles intended just for moms. The toolbar along the bottom allows you to quickly jump between “Today” (which includes all the stuff I just mentioned), “This Month” (a brief article about your baby’s development that month), “Tools” (a photo journal), “Community” (direct access to your birth club board and all the popular WTE boards), and a “Search” function (if you can’t find what you’re looking for). I feel like this app is probably most useful for all of the fun milestone information (there’s A LOT of it), although I also like to read what they have to say about my baby’s development whenever it switches over each month. Overall, this is a wonderful FREE app to have in your pocket as a new parent.

The Wonder Weeks
($1.99 on Apple or Android)
This app is named after the popular book of the same name. At first, I was skeptical about paying money for it, but I’d heard so many great things about it on other forums and websites, so I bit the bullet and bought it. And I am SO GLAD that I did! It is SO incredibly helpful (and super interesting) to learn about all of the “leaps” that my baby is going through as she grows. (Leaps are basically your baby’s mental milestones, as opposed to physical ones like sitting and walking.) It describes each of these leaps in great detail, and gives examples (including video) of your baby’s perception of the world during that leap in order to help you better understand how he/she is thinking and seeing everything around her. And let me tell you… after I read about each leap, I feel like I understand my baby’s behavior SO MUCH BETTER! It really helps to explain all the fussiness that I see happening, and it also helps me understand what’s going through her mind whenever I see her start learning and doing new things. There are 10 leaps in total, and the app automatically switches over as your baby reaches each new leap. A fun feature of the app is the “Leap Alarm” that you can set so that the app will notify you just before your baby is about to start a new leap. There is also a “Chart” (basically a weekly calendar) that shows you where baby is currently, and when you can expect periods of relative calm or fussiness in his/her behavior due to their leaps. Finally, the app includes a “Notes” feature where you can type in notes about your baby’s leaps. Again, I cannot express how much I love this app! I recommend it to all of my first-time mommy friends, and that’s why I’m recommending it you, too!

Which baby apps have YOU found helpful as a new parent? Share with us in the comments below!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are completely my own, and I would only recommend products to you that I personally love! Thank you for supporting my family and this blog!


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