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3 Best FREE Pregnancy Apps


*Note: This post is NOT sponsored by any of these companies. These are just my honest personal opinions and experiences with their products, and I hope you will find them helpful!

After I wake up each morning, my immediate routine consists of brushing my teeth and washing my face, getting dressed, taking care of my two fur-children, packing my work lunch, and finally sitting down to eat breakfast before I leave.

While I’m eating, I like to check three different pregnancy apps on my phone to read up on what developmental milestones baby has achieved that day! I also get a chance to learn a little bit about what’s going on in my own body, read about what to expect at upcoming doctor’s appointments, and browse interesting articles that are relevant to the future of my baby and my family. It’s like reading the newspaper, except the articles are all specifically tailored to my current interests as a mom-to-be!

In no particular order, here are my three favorite FREE pregnancy apps and the primary highlights of each one:

Ovuline’s “Ovia Pregnancy Tracker”
(available for Apple or Android)
This app is highly customizable and fun to use! Along with the input of basic information like your due date, you can also specify your baby’s gender and name (once you know them) so that the updates and articles are personalized to your pregnancy (for instance, correct use of “he” vs. “she”, and baby’s actual name in place of just “baby”). The homepage of the app gives you a report each day of what trimester you’re in, baby’s relative size compared to a fruit/veggie (or a Parisian bakery item, or a fun & games item, or a weird-but-cute animal… you get to pick the theme!), and a cute handprint that shows how big your baby’s hand is that day compared to what it will be at birth. How cool! Each day, it gives you little tidbit updates about baby’s development and provides a few new articles to read about pregnancy, doctor’s appointments, and planning for baby’s arrival. There is also a calendar feature that lets you input every possible bit of medical information you could desire, a spaces for notes on all kinds of mommy-central things, a milestone checklist so you can save every fun memory from your pregnancy, and a direct link to their website’s community boards. There is also a searchable database for food safety lookup, medication safety lookup, and a symptom lookup. (I found that I used the lookup databases primarily when I was newly pregnant and still “learning the ropes” of all the rules to keep baby healthy.) Overall, this is a pretty great all-in-one app for being entirely free, and I’m absolutely loving it! Check out these screenshots of the app below to see what I’m talking about:

img_3023       img_3022

img_3024       img_3025

img_3026       img_3027

BabyCenter’s “My Pregnancy and Baby Today ”
(available for Apple or Android)
I love the BabyCenter app for the sheer wealth of information it provides about baby, my body, and planning ahead for baby’s arrival. At the start of each new week in your pregnancy, it compares your baby’s size to a popular vegetable and includes a very life-like, adorable picture of what baby looks like in the womb during that stage of development. It also gives a bit of information about what changes you can expect for your own body that week. For each subsequent day later in the week, there are new articles to read about pregnancy and baby, and some of them are these really helpful “how-to” videos (for example, how to decide on the right type of bottle to use!). There’s also a “Birth Club” section of the app where you can chat with other parents who are having babies the same month as you. The “Tools” section is super useful for all kinds of things, like recording your kick counts and contractions, finding baby names, recording your birth plan, and even taking an online birth class! My favorite part of the app, though, is their “Bumpie” tool! This has become my go-to app for taking “bumpies” (selfie + bump = bumpie!), which you will see posted in my Instagram feed each week. I like their “Bumpie” feature the best (over the ones available in other apps) because it lets you customize your photos with cute stickers and overlays, and you can also create a cool slideshow (complete with music) of your bump progression! Here are some screenshots:

img_3028     img_3029

img_3030     img_3031

img_3032      img_3042

The Bump’s “Daily Pregnancy and Baby Tracker”
(available for Apple or Android)
This free app from the Bump is more basic than the other two I’ve discussed, but I think that it still has some interesting articles to read about baby and pregnancy each day. At the start of each week, it compares baby’s size to a vegetable, and gives a few fun facts about baby’s development. They also recently launched a really neat feature called “Inside the Bump”, where you can view a computer rendering of baby in 3D for that week, and even zoom in or rotate him/her around from any angle. (I think the baby in the graphic looks a little creepier and less life-like than the one in the BabyCenter app, but that’s just my personal opinion, haha!). There’s also an update for mom each week about her growing body, and at least 2 to 3 new articles to read about pregnancy that pop up each day. The “Real Answers” section of the app does what it sounds like – it allows you to find answers to popular questions being asked by other moms (and possibly you, too) based on your current stage of pregnancy. If you want to ask questions and interact even more, there’s a direct link to their community boards in the “More” tab. The Bump also has a “Photos” section (again, hidden in the “More” tab) where you can take a “Belly photo” each week (or a photo of baby if you toggle the switch to “Baby photos”), but the only option beyond taking the picture itself is to add a caption below it. Finally, you can create your baby registry using the links in the app to connect to a variety of popular retailers. Like I mentioned earlier, this app has a much more basic functionality than the other two apps reviewed above (with the exception of the 3D baby thing), but overall it has enough unique information in the updates and articles to keep me coming back each morning for more! Check out these screenshots:

img_3035      img_3044

img_3041    img_3036

img_3037      img_3039

img_3038     img_3040

Share with us… What are some of YOUR favorite free pregnancy apps?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are completely my own, and I would only recommend products to you that I personally love! Thank you for supporting my family and this blog!


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