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7 Gift Ideas for New Moms (That They Will ACTUALLY Appreciate!)

Ask any woman who’s just had (or is about to have) a baby, and she’ll tell you the number one thing she wants the most… more sleep! However, if you’re looking to get a little something special for that freshly minted mom in your life, the gift of more sleep is not necessarily the easiest option.

So what should you bring her? …Diapers? Always appreciated! …A cute teddy bear? Sure! But chances are, she is already swimming in a sea of these things in the baby’s nursery. If you’re looking to really make an impression, you’ve got to think outside the box.

To get you started, here are seven unique gift ideas that any new mom would actually get excited about (and as a new mom myself, I can personally vouch for these suggestions)!

1.) Pre-made freezer meals
The absolute LAST thing on a new mother’s mind is cooking. She barely has time to eat a granola bar, let alone plan and execute a full meal for herself or anyone else. So hands down, one of the best gifts you can give her is a nutritious (or at least tasty) meal that she does not have to do anything except heat up in the oven, slow cooker, or microwave. Before you decide to visit her, fully prepare and cook a meal (or two, or three!) that freezes well, such as lasagna or chili, so she can save it for eating at a later date. If you’re in need of some quick meal ideas and recipes, you can find some easy but delicious ones here, here, and here.

2.) Homemade lactation cookies (if she’s nursing)
If you know that your new mom friend or family member is breastfeeding her baby, she will most likely be thinking about her milk supply a lot… many first-time moms are (unnecessarily) worried about whether or not they will produce enough milk for baby. Lactation cookies are simply regular cookies made with a few special ingredients called galactagogues… meaning they are known for their milk-boosting magical powers! If you bake her a fresh batch, I can guarantee you that she will be positively delighted! These oatmeal chocolate chip lactation cookies are super easy to make… and not only are they delicious fresh from the oven, but they will stay chewy even after a few days in a storage container, and still taste just as good after a quick zap in the microwave after being stored in the freezer.

3.) Massage / spa treatment gift card
Mommies need pampering, too, and with all the excitement over the new baby, this is often forgotten. She might not have much time for herself for a while after the baby is born, but trust me… once she’s ready to get out of the house and take part of an afternoon to do something for herself, a massage or trip to the spa will be just what the doctor ordered! Get her a gift card to local spa or massage center, or make it even easier by giving her a Spafinder Wellness gift card so she can choose the place she likes best. She will be thrilled to finally be able to treat herself whenever that time comes.

4.) A “New Mommy Survival Kit”
This is seriously the cutest, yet most practical, gift idea ever! A whole basket or box filled with everyday things that new moms want and need? Yes, please! Obviously, you can DIY this gift idea if you’re into that sort of thing. Here are some easy ideas for making one yourself, and there are plenty more ideas abound on Pinterest! If you’re not the creative type, then there are also a few handmade versions on websites like Etsy for purchase.

5.) Wine bottles customized with funny labels
Trust me when I say this… that first glass of wine is oh so sweet after nearly ten months of abstinence. You can help make it even sweeter (and funnier!) by picking up a few bottles of her favorite wine and replacing the manufacturer’s label with some of these hilarious printable labels intended just for new moms. There are also many other versions out there on the internet, likeĀ these, these, andĀ these. Any of them would be excellent choices, so take your pick and get labeling!

6.) A cute “mom” tea/coffee mug
New moms are sooooooo tired. Coffee (or tea) is often her best friend in those first few months after baby is born. Nothing would make her morning cup o’ joe more pleasant than having an adorable mug or thermos to remind her that she’s awesome at what she’s doing (i.e. taking care of a little human being). Again, if you’re the DIY type, you can probably make one of these yourself. But the creative gurus out there have got you covered with some really adorable ones (like this “mama bear” one, or this pretty floral one). If your new mom friend or family member has a brasher sense of humor, then she may better appreciate a mug like this one, this one, or this one. While you’re at it, toss in a few K-cups in a variety of delicious flavors, or a Starbucks gift card.

7.) Mama bear & baby bear matching shirts
Something primal happens to a woman when she gives birth to a baby. A ferociously protective side she never knew was inside of her comes out with a vengeance… and thus, a “mama bear” is born! Help make every day a “twinsie” day for new mom and baby with an awesome mama bear & baby bear matching shirt and onesie. Seriously so cute, right?! (And if she’s into Game of Thrones, then this Mother of Dragons/Baby Dragon matching set will be even better!) If you prefer a different style, then check out what’s available on Etsy… there are a ton of options (like this set, or this one) to choose from!

What kind of unique gifts would you recommend for new moms? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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