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8 Surprising Baby Products I Can’t Live Without!

When I was deciding which baby products to add to my registry for the baby shower, there were a few things on it that kind of struck me as… ehhhh, do I REALLY need this? There are just some products out there that sound like total marketing ploys… a waste of money that’s better spent on something else that I might actually need.

But the 8 items below were either bought FOR me (not on my registry at all), or I ended up buying it anyway for myself soon after baby arrived. They aren’t necessarily things that most people think of right away when they shop for baby gear… but as a first time mom, I can no longer imagine getting through the week without these items. They are TOTAL lifesavers!

This does exactly what it sounds like. And not only will you need this to help baby breathe if he/she ever catches a cold (since they can ONLY breathe through their nose at first)… but let me tell you, you’ll also see boogers in your kid’s nose on a regular day-to-day basis that are just begging to be picked. And if you can’t gently get to it with a pinky finger in that tiny little nostril… then a snotsucker will save the day! I love and use this one because it’s easy to use, even easier to clean, and it’s super satisfying to be able to inspect what you got out of their little nose… no guessing about what ended up inside the hospital-issued rubber bulb (ew!).

Saline Drops
Even if baby isn’t sick, sometimes their nose can sound a little congested and snotty somewhere deep inside. Just a drop or two of saline drops in each nostril will help thin the mucus and clear up their nose right away! And if they ARE sick, these drops will help break down what’s inside their nose so you can more effectively suck it out with your trusty snotsucker. 😉 This one tiny bottle will last you forever… so it’s totally worth the investment!

Gas Drops
Babies are also gassy little creatures. If your little one is fussing and you can’t seem to figure out why (because you’ve taken care of their every possible need you can think of), sometimes gas is the culprit. A single dose of gas drops will have them burping and/or tooting out the problem in no time! (Always check with your doctor before giving medicine to your baby.) My husband and I use this brand almost every evening when our baby girl gets fussy and gassy. It tastes sweet, so she doesn’t seem to mind taking it whatsoever. And it really helps to get the gas out quickly so she can go to bed a happy camper!

Baby Laundry Stain Remover Spray
Poop will happen. For us, it wasn’t until three weeks that we finally experienced an actual “blowout”. But eventually, the day (or night) comes. And when it does, you’ll want to be prepared with this stuff. I keep it right on top of my changing table, and whenever I have to carefully strip a nasty, poop-covered onesie off my giggling baby girl… I immediately spray it down with this stuff, and then toss it in the laundry hamper. I don’t have a single outfit of hers that has been permanently stained by poop yet… and I owe it to this amazing spray. I will never be without a bottle of it again until she leaves for college!

Disposable Diaper Bag Dispenser & Refills
So this was one of these gimmicky items I was unsure of… but I absolutely LOVE having it in my diaper bag for emergencies! There will be so many times when you’ll find yourself changing your baby in the back of your car, and there isn’t a trashcan in sight to dispose of the offending, odiferous package. Enter this fresh-smelling disposable diaper bag dispenser! Yep, they’re just like the ones you use for your dog. And they’re totally awesome. (Don’t forget the refills!)

Wipes “Clutch” Carrying Case
Someone actually bought this FOR me, and it’s been awesome to have in my diaper bag (and the car, as I now have a second one). It’s a refillable case for baby wipes that seals shut at the top like a ziploc bag to keep the wipes moist, with a flip-open compartment on the side for single-wipe use during diaper changes. Sure, you can constantly buy the little throw-away packages that do the same thing… but if you’re a budget-savvy mama who buys their wipes in bulk anyway (because you’ll go through them lightning-fast), then all you have to do is grab a handful of wipes from the bulk pack to refill this thing every couple of days. And voila,  a convenient (and stylish) place to keep the baby wipes!

Digital Thermometer
I was super thankful to have this thermometer on hand when I came down with a fever myself when baby girl was just 7 weeks old. I was totally freaked out that she was going to get sick. Fortunately, she did not… but it was nice to be able to keep tabs on her temperature in the meantime. After she got her first vaccinations, I was also able to track her temperature so I could appropriately administer infants’ Tylenol when she started running a fever. All moms need one of these in their household!

Carseat Mirror
Now this one sounds totally ridiculous… but hear me out. When baby is in the backseat of your car, he/she’s facing backward. You can’t see him/her. And when you’re the only adult in the car… you’re going to wonder what the heck is going on when baby suddenly starts crying. Or if he/she suddenly falls silent (“Is she sleeping? Breathing? AGHH!”). Having a mirror like this one to be able to spot-check on your little darling while you’re driving is so incredibly helpful. When we had our baby girl in a rental car during our move to Colorado, we forgot to attach the mirror on the first few trips… and I was going crazy not being able to see her! So this one is definitely a MUST to help soothe your new-parent nerves.

Which baby products did you find surprisingly helpful as a new parent? Share your stories in the comments below!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are completely my own, and I would only recommend products to you that I personally love! Thank you for supporting my family and this blog!


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