Baby Registry Ideas for First-Time Mom


As a first-time mom myself, I wasn’t really sure what to add to my registry for my baby shower. I knew that I wanted to have all the essentials covered, plus a few extras, without going overboard on crazy things I would probably never use. I also knew that, as a first-time mom, I was going to have to register for a lot more stuff than people having their second or third baby shower because I literally owned nothing for a baby! And finally, I wanted to make sure my registry was as budget-friendly as possible, while still registering for good quality products that will last a while.

So I did a lot of research. Which items? Which brands? How much, compared to other brands? I also did a lot of review reading on various websites to try to find out what real parents had to say about their experiences with each of the products. I eventually settled on the following list of items, which does exactly what I wanted: it covers ONLY the essentials that you’ll absolutely need in baby’s first year of life.

I’ve double- and triple-checked reviews written by real parents to ensure that I’ve selected only those products that have been highly rated. I’ve left out anything that poses major SIDS risks, like crib bumpers and fluffy blankets. Where possible, I’ve substituted cute and quality alternatives for some of the most (ridiculously) expensive items you’ll see on many other registry websites ($400 for a bouncer?? No thanks!). There are just a few things on this list that are not “basics”, per se, but that the vast majority of parents seem to swear by as being something that made their lives as new parents much, much easier… so I’ve included them for your consideration.

The list is broken down by category to make things a bit easier to mentally sort through. I’ve also included links to the actual items that I personally registered for, to give you a better idea of the brands that seemed to be the best, budget-friendly choice as I conducted my research. I used Amaz*n for my baby registry for their wide selection of items and excellent prices, but there are many options out there. (Note: Although many of the specific products I’ve linked to are girl-themed, just keep in mind that most of them are also available in gender-neutral and boy colors, too!)

Sleep sack
Drool bibs
No-scratch mittens
Accessories (like headbands or bow ties)… and of course lots of cute outfits in a range of sizes (which you’ll most likely receive anyway whether you register for them or not, because people love to buy that kind of stuff)!

Crib skirt
Fitted crib sheets (lighter for summer and thicker for winter)
Fitted Pack n’ Play sheets
Swaddle blankets (traditional and velcro)
Waterproof crib mattress pad cover
Receiving blankets

Bathing & Skincare
Diaper rash ointment
Baby shampoo & lotion
Hooded towel
Baby washcloths
Bath spout cover
Non-slip bathtub mat
Baby bathtub (for when baby is still very small)

Changing pad
Changing pad cover
Changing pad liners
Diapers (both newborn & size 1)
Diaper bag
Diaper disposal bag dispenser & refills (for travel in your diaper bag)
Diaper Genie (UPDATE: I did not include this on my own registry, but I ended up buying one anyway… the convenience was too tempting!)
Wipe warmer (*I did not include this on my own registry, but some parents swear by it!)

Boppy pillow & slipcover
Dishwasher basket (for bottle pieces)
Bottle brush
Burp cloths/bibs
Bottle warmer
Bottle drying rack
Soft baby spoons
Waterproof feeding bibs (or the regular fabric kind)
Suction baby feeding bowls
High chair
If planning to breastfeed:
Breast pump & accessories
Breastmilk storage bags (or milk freezer trays)
Nursing cover (doubles as a carseat, stroller, and shopping cart cover, too!)

For the Nursery
Dresser / changing table
Crib mattress
Nursery rug
Video baby monitor
Laundry hamper
Dresser drawer / closet organizers
White noise machine (and also a plush soother for travel)
Night light
Plush toys
Baby books

Car seat
Rock ‘n Play sleeper
Pack ‘n Play crib
Baby carrier / wrap
Activity mat
Swing (*I did not include this on my own registry, but some parents swear by it!)
Bouncer (*I did not include this on my own registry, but some parents swear by it!)

Health & Baby Care
Teethers (both the basic kind AND a Sofie!)
Nasal aspirator
Digital baby thermometer
Healthcare & grooming kit (comes with baby nail scissors, brush, etc.)
Baby-friendly laundry stain remover
Baby-friendly laundry detergent

Car window shades
Baby car mirror
Outlet covers
Baby gates

Just-for-Mom Essentials
Breastfeeding salve (soothing nipple cream)
Nursing pads
Hands-free breastpump bra
Nursing bras
Nursing tanks
Post-delivery soothing “bottom spray”

Are there any other items that you think should be on every first-time mom’s baby registry? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are completely my own, and I would only recommend products to you that I personally love! Thank you for supporting my family and this blog!


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