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New Moms: How to Save Money on Baby Stuff!

I’m a pretty frugal mom. I got lucky that we received a lot of what my baby needed (and a lot of what she didn’t) for the first 6+ months of her life at the baby shower and from a few of my “mom friends” who were offloading their baby clothing. But I also don’t buy baby stuff I see at the store just “because it’s cute”. I only buy it if she actually needs it. And I like doing things this way. Less stuff means she’ll learn to take better care of her things as she gets older. And it’s less for me to clean.

In addition, my husband and I decided to downsize to a single income after we had our baby girl so that I could stay home with her for a few years. So when I do shop for the necessities, I try to do it in a way that’s as easy on the wallet as possible.

Many of you seasoned moms out there may feel like these tips are sort of “duh”… but as a new mom, I honestly had to figure these things out for myself over the course of the last year. No one told me ahead of time. So I’m hoping to save some of you new mamas out there a bit of your time and money that you would have otherwise been accidentally spending, and I’m offering you my top tips for budget-friendly baby shopping! Let’s go!

Tip #1: Sign up for an annual CostCo Membership!
If you’re going the disposable diaper route, then you need to know right now that the CostCo diapers and wipes work JUST AS GOOD as the brand name ones! They’re just as soft and snuggly on your little one’s tush as the Huggies and Pampers… so don’t fret about it. And they are usually much cheaper! So in addition to all the money you could be saving on your groceries (BONUS!), the cost of diapers and wipes alone is worth it. (PRO TIP: The CostCo wipes come in individually wrapped little packages with an easy-open lid… but if you’re like me and prefer having the wipes in a box for ease of use, then simply tear them open and put them in an empty Huggies wipes box… they fit perfectly!) And before you assume it costs too much for a membership… know that right now it’s only $60 for the whole year. That’s two boxes of diapers. Or about 15 Starbucks coffees (which you probably used to buy in less than a month’s time… am I right?!?). Priorities.

Tip #2: Sign up for Amazon Family
If you don’t have a CostCo nearby (or even if you do), and you don’t already have Amazon Prime… then your next best bet for some budget-savvy baby shopping is by signing up for Amazon Family! What’s the difference, you ask? Well… arguably the best benefit for Prime members is the free 2-day shipping, which rocks. It’s awesome when you can find something that you really need for baby on Amazon for much cheaper than in the store, and also have it delivered to you in just two days at no extra cost (because who has the time or energy to leave the house with a brand new baby??). But with Amazon Family, you get the free two-day shipping PLUS some added benefits that new moms will find invaluable: savings on diapers (the brand you want, for less, and delivered to your door!), exclusive coupons, baby registry benefits (if you’re still expecting), and instant music and movie streaming! If you’re on the fence about it, check out more information on their free trial right here: Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

Tip #3: Once Upon a Child (or any baby consignment store)!
My most exciting discovery as a new mom was the consignment store Once Upon a Child (available in nearly all 50 states in the US… check their website here to see if you have one nearby). If you’ve never been to this store… oh em gee, people. The first time I walked through the doors, I swear I heard angels singing! THEY. HAVE. EVERYTHING. The store is jam-packed full of gently used clothing, winter coats, mittens, hats, costumes, toys, cribs, high chairs, feeding supplies, entertainment centers, playards… if you can think of it, they probably have it! And honestly, their stuff is usually in REALLY good condition… and FOR SO CHEAP! Jammies for $3 that my kid will outgrow in 3 months anyway?! Yes, please! Jumperoo for $25 that normally costs $75 brand new?! Heck yes! You could literally do all of your baby shopping here if you wanted to! And if you’re looking to offload some of your own baby stuff down the road, you can sell it back to them and make a few bucks (and then go get that Starbucks coffee you’ve been denying yourself ever since your coffee money became diaper money). If you aren’t lucky enough to have one of these stores near you, then first… I am so sorry. But second, do some Googling! See if you have a smaller, privately-owned baby consignment store in your town, and go check it out! You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

How do YOU save money as a parent? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are completely my own, and I would only recommend products to you that I personally love! Thank you for supporting my family and this blog!


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