My Baby Bump Progression

I knew even before I was pregnant with my baby girl that I wanted to have a fun memory of my baby bump as it grew over the course of nine months. So I used the BabyCenter app¬†to take weekly photos of my growing belly; it was simple to use and shows the number of weeks along in the bottom corner. Finally, I created a fun video to show the changes from beginning to end! Enjoy! ūüôā



Pregnancy Symptoms: A First Time Mom’s Experience

When you’ve never been pregnant before, it’s difficult to know¬†what you “should” be feeling when you’re expecting. From that first little twinge¬†that makes you suspect maaaaybe you’re pregnant, to that exhilarating (or possibly scary) moment you see the two little pink lines confirming your suspicions, to the following nine months that bring so many new… Continue reading Pregnancy Symptoms: A First Time Mom’s Experience


What to Expect at an Ultrasound

Your first ultrasound is sure to be a¬†momentous occasion during your pregnancy. For me, it was a bit nerve-wracking due to the circumstances… but for most women, it’s one of the greatest experiences you’ll have during that nine (okay, ten!)¬†months, since you FINALLY get to see a sneak peek of your little peanut! I’m sure… Continue reading What to Expect at an Ultrasound